In today’s ever changing labor market, conscious culture creation is critical to the retention of your mission critical talent. You have likely spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to attract, recruit and onboard talent to have them leave in some cases less than two years later. Join the council to learn more about how to create a culture that truly is a competitive advantage and market differentiator for the retention and development of your talent, and enables delivery on your mission critical objectives.

The Conscious Culture Creation Council was “born” as an outgrowth of our Diversity Accelerator Roundtable where Diversity Leaders discussed the issues of the day around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, Corporate Social

Responsibility, and Environmental, Social and Governance Issues and had a desire to take the conversation deeper

Leadership Workshops and Keynotes


Who Is It For?

Council membership is for any organization that is committed to the intentional creation of workplace culture, where the relevant skills and abilities of all employees are fully leveraged to drive bottom line results. Organizations who agree with us that “culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner” are supported in the creation of innovative sustainable culture change designed to enable delivery on your strategy. Members include the Fortune 1000, privately held interests, Non-Profit Organizations, Big Law firms, as well as smaller and medium-sized organizations.

Our process resonates across business and industry, and our membership model is designed to meet the unique challenges of each of our member organizations.

Why Join?

If you are looking to create a culture where the people you want to develop and retain want to stay, and you are ready to leverage your culture as a strategic advantage, look no further. Council Membership provides access to a depth of expertise to guide and support your culture strategy development and execution. Connect with a community of your peers and colleagues who are leading the way in culture creation in many of the top organizations in the world with brands you know. Regardless of where you are on your culture journey, we are here to help guide you to create your sustainable competitive advantage.



Get the tools and resources you need to understand the hidden drivers of your culture and strategies to create sustainable competitive advantage.


Leverage the combined experience of the 3C Consulting team and your colleagues to craft the right approach for your organizations culture strategy.


Work with our team to systemically impact your organizations processes, policies, procedures, and practices; ultimately creating a culture aligned to delivery on your business objectives by creating a sustainable competitive advantage that allows you to retain and

advance your mission critical talent.



Who do you turn to when you need to discuss the key issues you are dealing with steering your culture into the future? Charter Membership in the 3C Culture Council provides you with customized advisory and culture planning support.

Membership for benefits include

• Culture Strategy Lab facilitated by our team to help you design the next evolution of your culture

• Share your challenges in a supportive and confidential environment. Gain fresh insight and learning from your colleagues and industry leaders in closed door conversations.

• Hear from expert speakers who will provide you with valuable insights into issues creating culture at scale.

• Deepen and broaden your colleague connections across business and industry

• Experiential learning and mutual group masterminding with consulting from our expert team

• Emerging trend data (with your organization data included) about organization culture and development strategies for Women of Color as a sponsor of our annual research


Equip your culture teams with the knowledge, skill and support needed to move your culture forward. Draw on the knowledge and experience of your peers. Gain access to cutting edge research and emerging trends.

Membership for benefits include

• ½ Day Advisory solution session designed to address the critical emerging challenges in your culture

• Engage in thought partner dialogues designed to discuss current culture events with rapid response.

• Participate in early enrollment for our Women of Color Development program.

• Engage in deep dive discussions focused on conscious culture creation

• Discounted sponsorship of our annual research on corporate culture or the advancement of women of color.


Engaged membership in the 3C Culture Council provides augmented support for your culture initiatives, an opportunity to share best practices and gain access to emerging trends and resources.

Membership for benefits include

• Review of one of your key culture policies

• Strategy session call

• Strategy activation session

• Emerging trends, thought partner dialogue and roundtable disucssions

• Discounted sponsorship of our annual research on corporate culture or the advancement of women of color


Our Team level membership provides entry level access and augmented support from our consulting team. With a focus on peer conversation and an opportunity for a high-level strategy review, this is an opportunity to focus on the foundational components of your strategy and share best practices with colleagues.

Membership for benefits include

• Review of one people focused policy

• Strategy Session Call

• Emerging trends, thought partner dialogue and roundtable discussions

• Discounted sponsorship of our annual research on corporate culture or the advancement of women of color.


Become a Member

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