At 3C Consulting we are committed to helping your organization raise the consciousness of your leaders. To that end we created the Conscious Leaders Academy (CLA) where we offer everything from stand-alone training, to custom leadership development programing across all levels of your organization. Our training content is tailored to the leadership level of the audience. Course delivery and duration can range from a key leaders keynote, to a multi-day or multi- year training program. Our vision is that every leader is empowered with skills to gain the visibility and credibility necessary to unleash their greatness and the greatness of their teams.

Our promise to you is that we will provide you with the best possible training and resources so that your people leaders raise the conscious impact of their leadership and their teams. Below you will find descriptions of our most popular trainings the academy has to offer. We have broken the academy into 8 training categories listed below.

We do recommend a core curriculum for all of our leadership development programs and you have the opportunity to add electives based on the leadership challenges in your organization.

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For Individual Contributor Up To C-Suite

Reclaim Your Career

If you don’t like your job, you are not alone. According to a massive report released by Gallup, only 13% of workers feel engaged by their jobs. That means they feel a sense of passion for their work, a deep connection to their employer and they spend their days driving innovation and moving their company forward. Together we will explore the 6 step process to reclaim the drivers seat of your career.

Master Negotiations

Through an interactive experience we explore the high stakes nature of negotiations and leave with the skills necessary to get maximum value for your side. We ask participants to bring a current negotiation to the session.

Creating Meaningful Relationships

Examine the fundamental strategies involved in building meaningful relationships that create influence and advocacy for you and your business agenda. You’ll learn foundational concepts of interpersonal relationships, the role of the leader as a facilitator and advisor, the impact of environment on the development of meaningful relationships, and authentic expression. In addition, you’ll cultivate techniques for establishing good rapport while maintaining healthy boundaries, even with those you find challenging to work with.

Personal Branding

In the history of branding workshops, there is only 1that does not ask you to create a personal branding statement. Come learn the 2 statements that matter most to effectively brand yourself in every interaction and leverage the key elements of every brand to position yourself to exceed your own expectations.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking – fundamentally is the ability to look both short and long term at the impact of potential decisions and to craft the optimal path for success. As you move from individual contributor, to manager, to enterprise-wide leader it becomes more and more critical that you have the foresight necessary to make strategic decisions that drive bottom line business results. Together we will define what strategic thinking is, define the 4 underlying skills of strategic thinking, explore several frameworks designed to support strategic thinking and decision making, and share strategies to sharpen your strategic thinking muscle.

Establishing Trust / Building Trusted Partnerships

Powerful trust-building skills can propel you along the path to career success. They can lead to higher productivity; working more effectively with your boss, co-workers or subordinates; building better relationships with the important people in your life; and even establishing your leadership potential. Focused on why improving trust is an important leadership function, the payoff when it is there and the cost when it is not. Participants learn and discuss the 5 factors of Trust, as trust building concepts, and begin a strategy for elevating trust.

Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

Research and real-life experience prove beyond any doubt that IQ will only take you so far. It’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence) that ultimately leads to success. People who develop their emotional Intelligence have far greater control over their own emotions and are better able to perceive the emotions of others, allowing them to build strong, effective relationships. Take the opportunity to put theory into practice. Leave with knowledge and skills that will make employees more effective.

Maximize your Personal Productivity

Not enough hours in the day? Overwhelmed by your to do list? Learn the methods and techniques to maximize your personal productivity and achieve more. This practical and engaging program will give you the tools to craft routines that maximize your time, set and prioritize your goals, give up your to do list for the greatest productivity tool you use everyday and much more.

Aligned Authenticity

Learn to show up in the world with dignity, humility, authenticity, and integrity, and how to produce and facilitate shared experiences that channel their unique gifts into real action and cultural transformation. Together we will explore and analyze your strengths and what makes you, you in order to grow as a leader and how to integrate your truth, empathy, and vulnerability and understand their influence on those around you.

Strategic Networking

Learn to build your professional reputation and develop a network of connections both on and off-line. Discover how to effectively combine these two approaches and create a strategy for networking success that will create community and actively grow your personal network. Receive the tools and techniques to both plan a successful, strategic approach to networking and develop the communication skills, to ensure effective business relationships.

Mapping Your Career

Empower your people to effectively answer the question, so what do you want to do next? Empower your leaders to create a career map and development plan, encompassing career goals, skills and knowledge development for current and future roles, and learn how to fully leverage your strengths, talents, and experience.


You have been telling stories all your life. Learn to leverage this life-long skill to enroll people to support your agenda, goals and objectives. Learn a framework that will help you develop and hone your story. Increase your ability to engage and inspire others through exploring your delivery. Using a real world issue, we will craft a story that brings your vision to life and motivates others to act.

Inspiring an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Intrapreneurship is simply entrepreneurship in an existing organization. Harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit is about nurturing your creativity. Since many of the tasks required for successful entrepreneurship are carried out through the infrastructure of your organization, employees can readily step into the role of intrapreneur. This program teaches you the key skills of intrapreneurship and how to leverage them to drive creativity and innovation throughout the enterprise.

Crafting Your On-Going Development Plan

A well-thought-out employee development plan outlines opportunities and clear direction to increase their skills and advance their careers. With an expanded skill set, they have more tools to empower your organization thrive. Employee development plans and program shouldn’t be created off the cuff. Together we will explore the principles for development planning and craft each participants development plan.


For Individual Contributor to C-Suite Leader

Leading Across Cultures and Boundaries

In a Global world, leaders must understand how to mange diverse organizations. In a collaborative environment, we examine what defines “effective” leadership across cultures. We understand that skills and behaviors perceived as effective in one cultural context may not translate when working across cultures. Together we explore ways specific characteristics are valued by different cultures, and assess how to approach your work in an inclusive way. Participants are expected to contribute to the content of this program. The goal of the course is to prepare leaders for business assignments leading multi-cultural teams.

Aware Allyship

Position your leaders of all backgrounds, identities, and genders to successfully undertake allyship at work and beyond. We begin by establishing an intersectional context, bringing everyone into the conversation centered on compassionate action. We integrate real world participant examples, provide practical tools and help leaders recognize bias motivated events and how to navigate them as an ally.

Beyond Bias

Often integrated into existing corporate programs and offered in everything from a keynote to multi-day workshop, our Beyond Bias programming is designed to help organizations go from beginning the conversation about bias to establishing the infrastructure for a culture of inclusion through on immersion experience. Interactive and customized to elevate the organizations awareness and establish new behaviors. Participants leave with an expanded awareness of how bias impairs the ability to get work done.

Creating Inclusive Teams

Environment is the foundation for success. Leaders learn strategies for fostering an inclusive working environment by providing tools to help foster inclusive behaviors. With a focus on developing and incorporating key leadership, cultural competency and inclusion skills necessary for effective interviewing, delegating, communicating, providing feedback, and conducting meetings.

Maximizing your Employee Resource Groups

In the wake of heightened sensitivity around issues of justice, equity, inclusion and belonging companies are looking to maximize their Employee Resource Group (ERG) programs. ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve traditionally marginalized or underrepresented employees. We partner with ERG and HR leaders to design programming and development opportunities that move the mission and vision of these groups forward and prepare leaders for expanded leadership roles.


For New Managers To C-Suite Leader

Feedback that Inspires Action

Feedback is the breakfast of champions! Learning to provide clear, actionable feedback, can enable employees to improve their performance, attitude and loyalty to the organization. Learn our tools and techniques to give and receive actionable feedback.

Honing Your Leadership Style

Understanding the key skills necessary for effective leadership and integrating them into your personal style is critical for leadership success. Together we explore these core competencies and how to integrate them into your leadership style.

Leading at Leading

Making the transition from employee to manager for the first time can sometimes be a stressful and challenging event. Leaders will explore the challenges and opportunities that all new managers face when making their first leap into a supervisory role. To be successful, new managers need to embrace a collaborative mindset and earn the trust and respect of their team which may be difficult to do if they are now managing people they once worked with side by side. We take a deep dive and explore these issues.

Leading Remote and Virtual Teams

Working across distance, cultures, time zones, through technology and across organizational boundaries, each type of virtual team has its own unique challenges. Together we explore the best practices and practical techniques for managers, supervisors and team leaders who lead remote teams. Leaders identify the skills required for managing virtual teams, apply techniques for building and maintaining a foundation of trust remotely, maintain employee engagement and connection, and discuss strategies for effectively providing actionable feedback to virtual employees.

Mastering the Leaders Mind

“Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right” – Henry Ford

Mindset impacts every aspect of performance and success. Leaders rarely stop to see how they can intentionally change their mindsets to get better results. Discover the transformative power mindset can have on your leadership style and find out how you can identify, grow, and put new mindset to work. Learn how successful leaders adapt their thought patterns to improve employee engagement, drive meaning across the organization, and promote life-long learning.

Leveraging Your Team’s Strengths for Maximum Effectiveness

Organizations that engage and leverage their employee’s strengths have increased profit, lower turnover, and much higher levels of employee wellbeing. Learn how to implement a strengths-based approach with your employees, as well as why it matters. Walk away with actionable strategies for leveraging strengths to improve performance at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Effective Delegation

Delegation allows managers to achieve more by assigning specific tasks to the appropriate staff, while still being accountable for any outcome. The Effective Delegation Training course provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to delegate tasks and responsibilities effectively.

The Effective Delegation Training course will teach you: to assess how delegation fits into your job, when and whom to delegate responsibilities, the 8-step process for effective delegation, how to avoid the common delegation pitfalls, the different ways of delegating tasks, how to give instructions effectively, the use of effective techniques to overcome problems, how to monitor results and much more.

Leadership as Advocacy

Develop personal leadership while integrating your core values, knowledge and skills required for effective advocacy. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the 3 key drivers in systems theory and how to leverage them for leadership advocacy.

Performance Management

“You are in a retention conversation every year in the form of your employee performance reviews. These conversations are where you either re-enroll the organization in the value you see in them or set them up for their external job search.” - Cornelia Shipley

You have hired great people, the challenge now is to develop and retain them by developing their full potential and helping them feel valued! Performance management is a cornerstone process that helps managers achieve the goal of getting the best from their employees.

Together we will discuss the skills and key processes you will need to develop your employees to achieve their goals and exceed expectations including setting clear expectations, providing actionable feedback, and delivering an effective performance appraisal.

Leading Productive Teams

Take a deep dive into how to build and lead high performing teams for maximum impact and productivity. Leaders acquire the skills necessary to optimize team performance, leverage team dynamics and take designed action to enhance team performance.

Leading Others Through Influence

Designed to help participants influence others and the decisions they make, learn how to develop influence and to become more effective in achieving your organizational goals. This program helps you understand our influence framework and gives you the tools to expand your persuasion and leverage.

Creating Raving Fans

Ken Blanchard coined the term “raving fan” to describe a customer who is so overwhelmed and floored by the customer service they’ve received that they can’t stop telling everyone about it. Raving fans are not just limited to customers. This program teaches you how to create raving fans across your stakeholder communities.

Evaluating Talent Daily

Learn best practices for selecting, recruiting, onboarding and evaluating talent daily. Explore the key approaches to measuring performance and evaluating your employees. In addition, learn to develop and coach your talent so that they can realize their full potential at work. Gain a thorough understanding of the complete cycle of managing talent and creating a robust talent pipeline for your team and organization.


For New Managers and Up

Leader as Coach

Designed to help leaders understand that how to effectively leverage and integrate coaching skills to impact their professional and personal settings in a powerful and positive way. Leaders will walk away from with practical steps to implement coaching to improve their leadership effectiveness.

Courage to Empower

Strategic leadership requires vision, a culture of empowerment and fostering employee commitment. People feel empowered when they are clear about their responsibilities, authority and are held accountable for their actions. Together we will explore the shift in leadership from compliance to coaching, facilitating, and empowering others for success.

Power Up Your Coaching Skill

Investing in your people is a daily process not an annual event. Designed to help leaders understand what coaching is, the impact it has on performance, and provide a structure to begin incorporating coaching skills into your leadership approach. Leaders are constantly looking for ways to enhance performance, provide actionable feedback and enable teams to perform at their peak potential. As organizations become flatter and less hierarchical, coaching is also an important skill for individual contributors who lead projects and help on-board new employees.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Our program is designed to provide managers with a process to incorporate a ‘coach approach’ into their leadership and management style. CSM leverages a combined development approach including interactive classroom instruction, online self paced programming, a resource library, an online forum and access to Master coaches to enable participants to meet their people management challenges head on.

Coaching Skills for HR Professionals Certification

The 40 hour Empowered Leaders HR Coach Certification Program is designed to support HR leaders as they take on the role of coach in their organization. This program provides participants with the unique opportunity to take a leadership role in the development and support of a coaching culture in their organization. You will have an opportunity not only to develop your coaching skills, but to engage in a community of practice for ongoing skill development and consistent implementation of the coaching process with your internal Empowered Leaders Certified Coaches.

Empowered Leaders Coach Certification Program

The 120+ hour Empowered Leaders Coach Certification Program is designed to support leaders looking to become internal certified coaches. This program provides participants with the unique opportunity to take a leadership role in the development and support of a coaching culture in their organization. You will have an opportunity to develop your coaching skills, establish and engage in a community of practice, and qualify for International Coach Federation Credentialling at either the Associate Certified Coach of Professional Certified Coach level.


For Individual Contributor to the C-Suite

Navigating Conflict

Leaders frequently find themselves navigating conflict. We provide participants with an opportunity to increase their understanding of conflict, as well as identify their own style of addressing conflict. Practical and proven techniques to further develop conflict competency as a leader are also be explored. While we offer participants valuable resource material, the real value comes from the candid discussion and group dialogue around real conflict situations. Participants are asked to identify, in advance, conflict situations in their business unit to bring to the discussion.

Communicating for Influence and Impact

Leadership in the 21st century requires you to cast a clear vision, enable the strategic objectives of your teams, and empower future leaders of your organization to demonstrate their true potential while driving bottom line profitability. One of the biggest challenges most leaders face is communicating their vision consistently and having that vision permeate through their stakeholder communities to create commitment, urgency, action, sponsorship and advocacy. Leaders learn how to answer an “everyday question” in ways that communicate their vision and demonstrates their effective leadership.

Crucial Conversations and Conflict

Leaders will explore the “elephants” in the room, the unspoken upsets and conflicts, and benefits to addressing these sensitive topics before they grow out of control. They will identify symptoms and sources of the issue, including exploring their natural approach to handling difficult conversations to determine if there is a better way.

Communication in times of crisis

There is a good chance that one will endure a major crisis over the course of one’s career that will require highly efficient use of communication. Learn the necessary knowledge for preventing crises through pro-active communication and effective crisis communication management.

Direct Communication

Clarity is kind! Do you find yourself struggling to face issues and challenges head on in your communication? Learn our process to create clear, direct, open communication that increases rapport and productivity. Leaders will have the opportunity to practice the process to strengthen their learning.


G.R.A.C.E Talks is an immersive and transformative communication course designed to bring communication to the forefront of your life. This course empowers you with the tools and mindset to communicate effectively, fostering freedom, peace of mind, and a sense of possibility in every conversation. By embracing the G.R.A.C.E framework, consisting of Grievance, Root, Accountability, Create a new possibility, and Execute on the Agreement, you will discover a new world of communication that has the potential to move and transform both yourself and others. Course Benefits:

1. Master the Art of Effective Listening: Learn a revolutionary approach to listening that unlocks your ability to communicate with clarity and effectiveness in any conversation, regardless of its content. Gain the freedom and peace of mind to engage deeply with others, fostering understanding and connection.

2. Elevate Your Effectiveness: Experience a significant increase in your ability to navigate challenging situations where you may have previously struggled. Develop the skills to communicate with impact, ensuring your conversations are generative and focused on creating new possibilities rather than reacting defensively.

3. Embrace Possibility-Based Communication: Cultivate the ability to consistently engage in conversations that are grounded in potential and opportunity. Discover how to invite others to join you in exploring new realms of thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.

4. Restore Harmony and Affinity: Learn the art of creating and restoring harmony in your interactions, regardless of the circumstances. Gain the tools to foster affinity and connection with individuals from diverse backgrounds, allowing for authentic and meaningful exchanges.

5. Unleash Your Authenticity: Find the freedom to fully express yourself in your communication with people from all walks of life. Discover a newfound sense of confidence and self-assurance as you engage in genuine and impactful conversations.

Course Impact: G.R.A.C.E Talks goes beyond traditional communication training, propelling you into a world where conversations become catalysts for personal growth and transformation. Through this course, you will uncover the immense power of communication and its potential to shape relationships, open doors to new opportunities, and inspire positive change. Join us on this extraordinary journey, and unlock the full potential of communication as the most essential tool in the business of living.


Activating Conscious Recruiting

The right people are everything. Transform recruiting into a process for co-creating conscious culture. Begin by understanding the human qualities that ignite purpose and elevate performance. Then artfully design each touchpoint to reveal fit beyond skills to mindset and values congruence. In this intensive experience, learn the evolved science of talent activation pioneered while advising industry titans worldwide. You will learn to attract and select with emotional intelligence - to curate teams energized by shared vision and humanity.

This rare recruiting masterclass provides proprietary frameworks used by companies like Apple, Google and Netflix. This work goes beyond recruiting - it forever changes how you evaluate, develop and lead talent. Elevate your approach to attracting and selecting top talent poised to elevate your culture.

Key topics include:

• Energizing your employer brand to attract conscious talent

• Crafting role experiences that provide purpose and self-actualization

• Interviewing for cultural add not just skill fit

• Assessing unconscious bias and elevating consciousness in talent decisions

• Onboarding for accelerated culture integration and performance

Activating Conscious Performance

Unleash potential by evolving how you set expectations and track progress. Begin by aligning goals to strategic purpose. Then take a human-centered approach to define measurable objectives that provide meaning and allow self-actualization. In this intensive workshop, acquire the proprietary frameworks used by today's most conscious companies to activate people around shared vision. Learn how industry leaders empower teams to own results while providing support to excel. This rare performance activation masterclass condenses decades of experience into two high-impact days. You will gain tools to design, cascade, and reinforce results frameworks that bring out the best in your people. This work forever changes how you motivate, align, and develop talent within teams and organizations. Acquire the capabilities to architect and iterate on performance systems poised to help your people thrive.

Key topics include:

• Goal setting for engagement and inclusion

• Aligning priorities to purpose and strategy

• Empowering employee voice and choice in defining objectives

• Providing resources and support to enable success

• Coaching and feedback for continuous improvement

• Tracking progress with meaningful measures

Activating Conscious Communication

Build trust and performance by elevating your communication skills. Begin by setting clear expectations aligned to purpose. Then practice giving thoughtful feedback that acknowledges humanity and builds mutual understanding. In this intensive workshop, acquire the advanced communication frameworks used by today's most conscious companies. Learn how industry leaders provide clarity while also listening, learning, and lifting others up. This rare communication skills masterclass condenses decades of expertise into two high-impact days. You will gain tools to align, coach, and develop talent while building trust and community. This work forever changes how you engage in critical conversations that influence results. Acquire the capabilities to communicate consciously and foster cultures where people excel.

Key topics include:

• Setting expectations with empathy and inclusion

• Delivering feedback that acknowledges strengths and potential

• Focusing on improvement through two-way dialogue

• Building shared understanding of impact and solutions

• Following up to validate progress and celebrate wins

• Continuously improving conscious communication skills.

Activating Conscious Coaching

Unleash potential by elevating your coaching capabilities. Begin with a growth mindset that views challenges as opportunities for development. Then engage in courageous leadership by having supportive yet tough conversations that stretch skills and thinking. In this intensive workshop, acquire the advanced coaching frameworks used by today's most conscious companies. Learn how industry leaders leverage coaching to increase self-awareness, accountability, and results. This rare coaching mastery class condenses decades of expertise into two high-impact days. You will gain tools to facilitate discovery, perspective taking, and sustainable change. This work forever changes how you develop talent and lead teams to maximize potential. Acquire the capabilities to coach consciously and create cultures where people thrive.

Key topics include:

• Establishing trust and psychological safety

• Using powerful questions to reveal new possibilities

• Stretching skills and thinking through supportive challenge

• Helping people own development and commit to action

• Providing encouragement to persevere

• Following up to drive accountability and celebrate growth

Activating Conscious Connections

Build trust and heighten performance through intentional one-on-one conversations. Begin by creating psychological safety where people feel valued. Then practice deep listening to understand needs and empower growth. In this intensive workshop, acquire the advanced one-on-one frameworks used by today's most conscious companies. Learn how industry leaders use connections to increase engagement, develop talent, and drive innovation. This rare relationship building masterclass condenses decades of expertise into two high-impact days. You will gain tools to plan memorable moments that strengthen understanding and unlock potential. This work forever changes how you engage people to build trusting relationships and cultures of care. Acquire the capabilities to lead consciously through courageous one-on-one conversations.

Key topics include:

• Preparing with intention to make each interaction meaningful

• Creating psychological safety for open sharing

• Actively listening to understand motivations and needs

• Coaching for performance and possibilities vs solving

• Gathering feedback to continuously improve

• Following up on actions that drive engagement and results

Cultivating Conscious Wellbeing

Unlock potential by creating cultures where every person can thrive. Begin with empathy, listening to understand diverse needs and experiences. Then focus on PERMAH - the human essentials for motivation and meaning. In this intensive workshop, acquire the advanced frameworks used by today's most conscious companies to increase employee wellbeing, engagement, and belonging. This masterclass condenses decades of expertise into two high-impact days. You will gain tools to evaluate and evolve the environments in which people spend most of their lives. The rewards are exponential. This work forever changes how you support people holistically so they can bring their best selves to work. Secure your place today in this exclusive session. Learn to lead consciously by championing cultures of care and human growth.

Key topics include:

• Understanding diverse motivations and definitions of wellbeing

• Focusing on the PERMAH model - purpose, emotions, relationships, accomplishment, health

• Building psychologically safe environments where people feel valued

• Designing inclusive experiences so everyone can belong

• Providing recognition and appreciation that is meaningful

Building Conscious Teamwork

Accelerate results by creating a spirit of collaboration and shared purpose. Begin with trust - take time to understand motivations and build psychological safety. Then focus on healthy debate that expands thinking and unifies around solutions. In this intensive workshop, acquire the advanced teaming frameworks used by today's top companies. Learn how conscious leaders transform groups of individuals into high-performing collectives. This masterclass condenses decades of expertise into two high-impact days. You will gain tools to align, connect, and empower team members to accomplish more together. The rewards are exponential. This work forever changes how you build teams that learn, grow, and excel as one. Learn to lead consciously by fostering cultures of trust, transparency and collective achievement.

Key topics include:

• Understanding the stages of team development

• Improving psychological safety through courageous conversations

• Promoting healthy debate and creative friction

• Unifying around common purpose and goals

• Celebrating and appreciating complementary strengths

• Continuously improving teaming skills

• Following up with empathy and compassion to drive engagement

Fostering Conscious Accountability

Drive performance by balancing compassion with courageous conversations. Begin by building psychological safety and trust. Then address opportunities head-on while acknowledging the person's strengths and potential. In this intensive workshop, acquire the frameworks used by today's most conscious companies to enhance accountability with care. Learn how industry leaders have candid yet caring dialogues to increase results. This masterclass condenses decades of expertise into two high-impact days. You will gain tools to address underperformance while inspiring excellence. The rewards are exponential. This work forever transforms how you champion growth through transparency and human-centered directness. Learn to lead consciously by upholding standards with empathy and wisdom.

Key topics include:

• Preparing carefully to state concerns objectively

• Establishing mutual purpose in improving performance

• Providing clear, behavior-based examples

• Discussing impact on stakeholders with care

• Co-creating solutions focused on potential

• Following up respectfully to confirm progress


For Director Level and Up

Strategic Planning

Come learn the methodology we teach our clients to effectively develop and design their business and people strategy and the key components for implementation and communication.

This program can include a capstone: participants create a strategic plan for a current business issue or challenge.

Executive Presence

Authentic leadership requires a trusted executive presence. Our volatile and ever-changing business environment requires leaders to be fully present in the moment. Together we explore this “it” factor and look at the foundational skills of vision casting, humor, storytelling, and effective communication to empower you to be present for what matters most.

Executive Decision Making

The ability to make effective and timely decisions is an essential skill of successful executives. Mastering this skill influences the ability to both effectively operate and strategically plan. Refine decision-making skills and equip leaders to confidently tackle any decision.

Clarify Your Leadership Vision

Defining personal vision requires introspection. As an enterprise wide leader it is critical that you embrace the iterative process of crafting your vision and enrolling others in it. Together we explore the process for crafting, casting and enrolling others in your vision.


For Mentees, Mentors and Sponsors

Gaining Mentorship & Sponsorship

If you want to advance your career, having a mentor isn’t enough anymore. Don’t get me wrong—mentors are wonderful. They help you gain critical skills, navigate you through challenges at work, and offer a sounding board when you’re at a crossroads in your career. But if you aspire to climb higher in this modern and competitive climate, you’ll need a sponsor as well. Learn the strategies necessary to identify and enroll the right leaders to serve as your sponsors, mentors and advocates.

Creating a Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship programs are tricky. Most organizations want one, but are still fine-tuning the details. To create a great sponsorship program, you need to balance the needs of your organization, your business strategy, and your employees. Together we will create or assess and redesign your sponsor program.

How to be a Sponsor

Prepare Senior Leaders to sponsor, mentor, and coach your mission critical talent. Expand executive impact in your development programs. Align your development agenda throughout the senior leadership team. Enhance your culture of learning and development through cross functional and intergenerational learning.


For Individual Contributor to C-Suite Leader

Resilience in a VUCA World

For organizations to thrive in our VUCA world, building resilience is critical. The great news is that resilience isn’t a fixed capacity, it can be practiced and grown with intentional focus. Our integrative approach to cultivate resilience addresses the body, the mind and the soul for individuals and teams. We leverage the latest research in resilience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, neuroscience and embodied movement to help our clients build the three core resilience skills: Facing reality, Finding meaning in challenge and, Seeing the possibilities where others don’t.

Healthy People. Healthy Teams.

People leaders need the skills to create and maintain a healthy workforce and culture. This requires leaders to help their teams focus on their mental and physical wellness. Learn to integrate leader wellness into daily work life and understand the dimensions of well-being. We will discuss how these dimensions intersect and explore ways that well-being is dynamic and interdependent. The course will examine strategies to integrate health and wellness as part of individual and team success, build resilience, make thoughtful choices that promote well-being, find meaning and purpose.

Managing Stress

Explore a holistic (body, mind, emotions, and spirit) approach to stress management. Leaders will analyze stressors, their stress reaction and response, resiliency, coping, lifestyle, and relaxation techniques as they apply to their own lives. This course includes the energy leadership index assessment.

Mindfulness and Meditation at Work

Learn about Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation and Practices to improve your holistic health and wellbeing. Discover how mindfulness works and explore easy & practical techniques for meditation and mindfulness. Expand your awareness & discover how to ‘live in the moment’!

Energy Leadership

Learn how leaders can use the principles of Energy Leadership to inspire themselves and achieve extraordinary results in whatever they do. Together we will explore the seven distinct levels of energy that are key to understanding why everyone thinks and acts the way they do specifically in the workplace. Identify the Big Four Energy Blocks and discover proven techniques and strategies for overcoming these and other obstacles to success. Develop the ability to shift internal energy to meet any leadership challenge and use this newfound power to inspire respect, confidence, and loyalty in others. This program includes the Energy Leadership Index assessment and a copy of the book Energy Leadership.


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