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Elevate your organization's potential by partnering with 3C Consulting for integrated People Strategy and Development Optimization. Our conscious culture creation approach examines your business strategy and links it to people initiatives that drive engagement, capability building, and capacity for innovation.

We offer a full spectrum of human capital strategy consulting, including:

• Conscious Culture Audits to assess current culture and identify opportunities to evolve policies, practices, and behaviors to activate purpose, accountability, and inclusivity.

• Succession Planning to proactively manage talent pipelines and ensure continuity of leadership.

• Change Management to guide transitions and adopt new mindsets and capabilities.

• Leadership Development Programming tailored to build clarity, capability, and capacity at all levels.

• Coaching for high-potential talent and diverse emerging leaders.

• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to foster cultures where all people belong and thrive.

• Pay Equity Analysis and Job Architecture Design to optimize rewards and career lattices.

• Data-driven Talent Analytics for informed human capital decision making.

By taking an integrated approach, we help organizations bring strategy to life, accelerate capability building, and expand capacity for the future.


Future-proof your organization with proactive succession planning and strategic leadership pipeline optimization from 3C Consulting. Our conscious business approach examines current and future capability needs and maps the experiences and development required to build your leadership bench strength.

Our proven succession planning methodology includes:

• Identifying mission-critical roles and projected leadership needs based on your strategy.

• Assessing existing talent capabilities and potential through structured interviews and conscious leadership assessments.

• Modeling short- and long-term leadership pipelines and optimizing talent mobility.

• Crafting personalized development plans that build critical leadership capacities.

• Curating mentoring and coaching relationships for rising talent.

• Designing talent acquisition strategies to fill identified gaps.

• Ongoing pipeline reviews and program adjustments as needs evolve.

By taking a conscious, strategic approach, we ensure you have the leadership talent ready to elevate performance as your organization grows and priorities shift. Succession planning is not a one-time event, but a process of continuous leadership renewal.

Optimization for you organization


Activate the full potential of your leaders with 3C Consulting's transformative and experiential development programs, workshops, and keynotes. Grounded in principles of awakening conscious leadership and elevating human capacity, our approach expands clarity, capability, and capacity to lead with purpose, innovation, and inclusivity.

Program offerings include:

• The Conscious Leader Program - Our signature 6-month intensive experience delivered in microlearning sprints to activate purpose and shift mindsets.

• Leading with Emotional Intelligence - Build self-awareness and connections through a focus on EQ and mindfulness.

• Innovation Leadership Lab - Spark creativity and learn agile approaches to developing new products, services and solutions.

• Conscious Leadership and Cultural Competence - Develop cultural intelligence and allyship to foster belonging and equity.

• Leading Change - Guide teams through change using proven frameworks and resilience practices.

• Custom Workshops - Tailored sessions facilitated in person or virtually to address specific capability building needs.

• Conference Keynotes on topics like Leading with Purpose, Conscious Leadership, and Shaping Culture.

Using appreciative inquiry, we help leaders tap into strengths, develop growth mindsets, and form inclusive and empowered cultures ready to excel. Let us design an experience that will allow your leaders to show up authentically and lead consciously.

Leadership Workshops and Keynotes


Invest in your enterprise-wide talent (typically director level and above talent) with unique program designed to expand the capability and capacity to impact your bottom line results across your organization.

Our approach includes:

• Individual Executive Assessments

• Senior Leadership Team Development Programs

• Preparation for Board Leadership

• Understanding Sponsorship and Advocacy at the Executive Level

• Curating mentoring circles and peer coaching to share knowledge and experiences

• Business and Strategic Advisory Services

Our executive development programs are designed to meet the leader where they are and accelerate their ability to advance your organizations mission and vision.

Ready to exceed your potential?


Our sponsorship and allyship programs help you identify high-potential employees, pair them with senior leader sponsors to provide advocacy and career development opportunities. We also offer allyship training on topics like bias intervention and inclusive behaviors. These initiatives aim to support your organizations values of belonging and equity while cultivating a culture of inclusion where employees actively support each other. By integrating sponsorship and allyship into your overall Culture strategy, we help you maximize your efforts to develop and retain your mission critical talent at all levels. Our programs include:

• Soup-to-nuts strategy and project/implementation plan
• Development of any components including employee communications
• Facilitate roll out and possible management


Cultivate a culture of advocacy and inclusion through 3C Consulting's conscious approach to sponsor and ally development. Our programs leverage awakening leadership principles and elevating human capacity to foster empowerment and equity.

Our program design methodology includes:

• Conducting focus groups to understand experiences of underrepresented groups.

• Identifying gaps in advocacy and inclusion using appreciative inquiry to envision ideal culture states.

• Equipping leaders with mindsets and skills to be effective sponsors and allies.

• Creating sponsorship and mentorship opportunities to increase visibility and capability building.

• Establishing peer allyship circles for shared learning and support.

• Offering coaching to strengthen vulnerable conversations that increase understanding.

• Designing reinforcing practices into talent processes to drive equitable access and advancement.

• Tracking program effectiveness through surveys and metrics on engagement, retention and promotion.

By taking a conscious, human-centered approach, we create cultures where every employee feels valued, heard and empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work.


Elevate employee engagement through purpose-driven reward and recognition programs designed by 3C Consulting. We leverage principles of awakening leadership and elevating human capacity to craft experiences that are meaningful, motivating and aligned to your conscious culture.

Our proven program design process includes:

• Understanding intrinsic and extrinsic motivators through appreciative inquiry into peak experiences.

• Identifying linkages between rewards, culture and strategy activation.

• Curating personalized recognition experiences that reinforce shared values.

• Establishing peer-to-peer and social recognition powered by storytelling.

• Incorporating on-demand and just-in-time rewards into workflows.

• Leveraging pulse surveys to continuously improve program relevancy.

• Tracking impact on performance, engagement, retention and culture over time.

• Evolving programs to meet changing needs and expectations.

By taking a human-centered, conscious approach, we create reward experiences that inspire purpose, belonging, development, and wellbeing.


Evolve and reinforce your culture by partnering with 3C Consulting for comprehensive policy review and development. Leveraging principles of awakening leadership and elevating human capacity, we ensure your policies bring your cultural aspirations to life.

Our thoughtful approach includes:

• Conducting focus groups to understand cultural experiences and identity gaps.

• Reviewing existing policies through the lens of conscious culture and inclusion.

• Making recommendations to amend policies that enable conscious evolution.

• Developing new policies to codify desired cultural behaviors.

• Writing policy content that is values-based, clear and accessible.

• Soliciting broad input using appreciative inquiry to increase buy-in.

• Establishing governance processes to regularly revisit and update policies.

• Cascading policy rollouts with leadership modeling and storytelling.

By taking an empathetic, human-centered approach rooted in your cultural aspirations, we ensure your policies reinforce an empowering employee experience.


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